Global Media Ethics Forum

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Date(s) - 27/01/2015 - 28/01/2015
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

The Kingsbury




About the Forum

For the past two decades “globalization” has been the buzz word within and beyond journalism. Scholars have generally acknowledged the multiple trajectories to and dimensions of globalization, as reflected in its various histories and forms of interconnections. Journalism practices do not stand outside of globalizing processes and, in the same vein, that processes of globalization are not immune to—in fact, are shaped by—particular regional and national journalistic cultures. Often absent from debates on globalization and from the literature that interprets contemporary media connectivity has been a sustained discussion of ethics. While there have been discussions of the global digital divide and the fact that such a divide has led to information haves and information have-nots, as well as examinations of the ethical dilemmas surrounding issues such as privacy, copyright, and pornography in online media, discussions that connect globalization to concerns of journalism ethics have remained marginal.
Global media ethics is a response to the dilemmas of globalization and the need to address issues that span national jurisdictions and spheres of influence. Globalization has created global dilemmas that require global solutions—dilemmas that cannot be addressed within individual nation-states or single jurisdictions. The opening  of the means of media production to citizens, through internet and social media, has eroded the claims of an elite class of journalists and media producers to knowledge and truth. Global media now have the imperative to become more transparent and adopt a set of open ethics which envisions a greater role for citizens in the co-production of meaning and truth. The exclusion of voices on the basis of identity, belonging, caste, or ethnicity is no longer tenable by an ethical media in the era of media globalization.
This conference will bring together academics and journalists to discuss various ethical issues which plague journalists around the world. The topics discussed but not limited to: accountability, conflict of interest, social justice, and minority rights. The key will be to focus on how globalization is impacting journalism practices and ethics dynamically.

1st Day of  the Conference
2nd Day of the Conference

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