New report from eSummit: A ‘playbook’ for publishers amid pandemic

Everyone is trying to predict what the fallout of the ongoing pandemic will look like for publishers. Difficult to do. Even major companies like PriceWaterhouseCoopers have delayed their annual Media Outlook (usually published in June) with the uncertainty lingering. But publishers, editors and industry experts put forth their strong opinions on the situation during our eSummit three weeks ago, and we have now distilled their insights.

This report features the crucial takeaways from WAN-IFRA’s World Media Leaders eSummit, when industry leaders took stock of the impact from the ongoing pandemic over four days of virtual sessions.

All the sessions were focused around the strategic challenges that we thought publishers need to address with the crisis. So we have boiled down from 13 sessions what we think are the major takeaways for each of the nine challenges… into this easy-to-digest slide deck. (WAN-IFRA members can download the report for free; non-members can purchase it.)

Here are the 9 challenges we addressed:

  • Challenge 1: How long to get revenues back on track?
  • Challenge 2: Who was best prepared for the crisis?
  • Challenge 3: How can publishers get advertisers back?
  • Challenge 4: Is the not-for-profit model the way to secure the future of local and public-service journalism?
  • Challenge 5: Reader Revenue – How to onboard and keep paying subscribers?
  • Challenge 6: COVID-19 has accelerated the digital transition – how to keep that momentum going?
  • Challenge 7: What we learned from stumbling into the remote newsroom?
  • Challenge 8: How to build on the trust gained during the crisis and keep the boosted audience?
  • Challenge 9: Are publishers prepared for what’s next?

Global insights

The report presents insights and feedback from a spectrum of news media companies, major brands like The Wall Street Journal (USA), The Financial Times (UK), The Globe and Mail (Canada), Schibsted (Scandanavia), Nine (Australia), The Straits Times (Singapore), Le Figaro (France), Sky News (UK), Il Sole 24 Ore (Italy, to innovative local publishers and startups, like Nexo Jornal (Brazil), Compassmedia (Cayman Islands), Henneo and ARA (Spain), Salt Lake Tribune (USA), Tortoise Media, and more.

It also features insights and opinion from industry analysts, experts and researchers, such as Rasmus Nielsen and Nic Newman of the Reuters Institute, Dame Frances Cairncross, Victor Pickard of the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School for Communication, USA, Patrice Schneider from the Media Development Investment Fund in Switzerland, Ken Doctor, leading US media analyst, and others.

Here are just a handful of the slides in the report.

Written by: Dean Roper

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