Motorcyclists Association claims war against RMV authorities

Motorcyclists Association claims war against RMV authorities

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Udayanthi Munasinghe
Horana (Mawbima)

The Motorcyclists Association of Sri Lanka has requested information from RMV on the number of Motorcycles which were imported from Japan from the year 2004-2017 under No 12 Right to Information Act 2016.

The President of the Association Chirantha Amarasinghe stated that although Motorcycles imported from Japan were registered the RMV has filed an action against 13,000 Motor bicycles for running with a chassis number. He further stated that the Commissioner and other higher authorities of RMV do not have any qualifications to hold such positions and none of them have paper qualifications on Motor Vehicles.

Under the right to Information Act the Motorcyclists’ Association has requested the said officials’ education qualifications and copies of their certificates. Also, the Association has requested a medical report which confirms eyesight of the inspectors who inspected chassis numbers, the politicians or government officials who appointed Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner and copies of their appointment letters. Amarasinghe emphasized that it is time for legal actions against injustices occurs due to the actions of higher officials of RMV.

“No records on the number of Motorcycles imported from Japan” RMV informs Motorcyclists Association of Sri Lanka (2018/01/19) Chirantha Amarasinghe, President of Motorcyclists’ Association of Sri Lanka stated that RMV is unaware of the number of Motorcycles imported from Japan and that RMV has informed their Organization. RMV has informed the Association in writing when they requested the number of motorcycles registered in the years 2004-2017 under the Right to Information Act.

Amarasinghe stated that it is hilarious for RMV to state that they are unaware of the number of motorcycles registered. He said that RMV says so in order to hide the violations which have happened throughout. He further stated that the Association will be lodging a complaint at Bribery Commission. Amarasinghe further stated that the inspectors of RMV do not possess expert knowledge on inspection of chassis numbers. He said the Association wishes to question on what basis the Court accept the reports issued by such officials.

He further stated that since the documents of motorcycles imported from Japan have been misplaced and mishandled by RMV the DEpartment will have to pay the full amount of the motorcyle to the owner.

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